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  • An Overview of Tampa Bay Coin Club

    Tampa Bay Coin Club originates from the predecessor organization, Tampa Stamp and Coin Club. During the 1930s, the number of stamp and coin collectors was just 5-12. These collectors would conduct a meet-up at different houses to analyze items and to buy, sell, and trade them. However, the value of money was much lower than what it is today. But there used to be a strong friendship between these collectors, which is rarely found today.

    Many of these collectors joined the army during World War II. They returned by 1946 and restarted their hobby. Several Club Officers were active during this time, and Henry Cox’s family is a major one among this group. On March 1st, 1954, the club entered the ANA.

    The club’s final organization was a result of the 1954’s Internal Revenue Code that was approved by the US Senate and House of Representatives. In 1955, the organization was designated as a Charitable and Educational Organization. Therefore, the club considers this date to be the official foundation date. In 1961, the club was consolidated as Domestic

    Non-Profit until 1989. In 1989, the status of the club changed to a Corporation “Not for profit”. Both the by-laws and the constitution were modified and were renamed Tampa Bay Coin Club, which denoted that the club focused on the Bay area.

    The Tampa Bay Coin Club used to provide life membership advantages to its members who had offered huge contributions and services to the club. But in the 1980s, the club found that the number of such memberships was considerably increasing and therefore, the scheme was dropped. Albert Musgrove and Marie were the last to get the advantage of this practice.

    In 2011, the club remained inactive due to the decrease in participation, lack of interest in the activities, and absence of a regular meeting place. However, in 2012, some of the members decided to bring back the club. According to the club’s by-laws, elections were conducted in October, which resulted in the re-entry of the club on its track.

    The main goal of the Tampa Bay Coin Club is to provide enjoyment and fun to fellow collectors and to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Numismatics. The club conducts frequent shows and conventions to fulfill its mission. The meetings of the club allow numismatists to meet other numismatists. Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of every month and there will be auctions, educational seminars, door prizes, as well as a raffle. There is an auction submission form on the site of TBCC for the people who are interested in taking part in the auction. The rules for the auction are also mentioned on the site.

    The club promotes young collectors and those below 18 years can join TBCC for free. The site includes a lot of educational links for beginners to understand more about numismatics. We also offer informative blogs about Bitcoin and other cryptos for those looking for insight into cryptocurrencies. Through our recent blog, bitcoin konto eroeffnen, people can learn how to create a Bitcoin account on legit platforms. The club has many sponsors and partners who support the different activities of the club.